The Dark Realm is a mod for the game called Minecraft made by Mojang Studios. The mod Launched in December of 2021.
The mod features many things, custom dimensions, new ores and new biomes that make exploring much more fun.
There are new monsters too. You can read more about the mod on the Curseforge page linked above.
The mod currently features more than 150 downloads.

Developed by:


Recipe Guide (WIP)

Tool Fuser

Part Forger

Dark Crystalite


Nepaz Ingot

Gold-Iron Alloy

Gold-Diamond Alloy

Iron-Diamond Alloy

Dark Realm Portal Frame

Dark Realm Portal Igniter

Dark Crystalite Helmet

Dark Crystalite Chestplate

Dark Crystalite Leggings

Dark Crystalite Boots

Dark Crystalite Sword Blade

Dark Crystalite Pickaxe Head

Dark Crystalite Shovel Head

Dark Crystalite Axe Head

Emerald Hilt

Fire Resistant Emerald Hilt

Lapis Hilt

Fire Resistant Lapis Hilt

Durable Hilt

Fire Resistant Durable Hilt

Ender Hilt

Fire Resistant Ender Hilt

Platinum Sword Blade

Obsidian Sword Blade

Topaz Block


Nepaz Pickaxe Head

Nepaz Sword Blade